Update: Local 10GHz Beacon Monitoring.

Here is a quick update on the LNB receiving experiment.

The LNB is just mounted to the mast with duct tape with no dish reflector, and just in a fixed direction.
Here are the reception results after some tropo days and days with more or less flat conditions:
The beacon OZ9GHZ can always be found when tuning around for the drifting. It varies in strength from a solid S5-7 sometimes with short fade-outs of less than a second.
OZ7IGY is still out of reach for this setup.
I suspect that the part sea path for OZ9GHZ with few obstructions, and the landscape being against my signal, is the reason for the difference, in spite of the OZ7IGY being located closer to me.

At least, it looks like I have a stable 10GHz signal source to test basic reception on the band.

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