Update on the active antenna.

A while ago the active antenna stopped working. I suspect that it got too much HF from a nearby antenna.

A repair is needed, when the time is right.

I was using this antenna to monitor several frequencies from 137kHz to 70MHz, and I would like to be able to do this again. A way of monitoring up to 13cn is also in the thoughts.

Update later.


It has been a while since I last posted here, so here we go.

I have been undergoing a chemo treatment, so the activity level has been a bit lower than normal the past year or so (since I arrived back in Denmark 3 years ago).

Since last a bit of antennas have been set up. Essentially all verticals. Here is a quick overview for a few of the bands :

4m : Running my IC7100, sometimes with FM, sometimes with SSB/CW, and monitoring a lot of FT8. The last 3 years have yielded 19 countries in Europe only on 4m with such a simple setup.

6m : Mostly running with my IC 7300 and a half wave vertical, SSB/CW, and lately quite a bit of FT8. The last 3 years have yielded 52 countries in 3 continents, mostly with less than 100W(FT8 mostly 30W)
A few weeks ago a PA was added. Capable of about 1KW on 160 - 6m, it is now running at a very moderate 300W with all modes. The antenna cannot take any more. The improvement is noticeable with the higher power. Many stations previously unreachable are now possible.

10m : Now running with a IC7600, 100W or less. The antenna is ... surprise ... a half wave vertical. The last 3 years have got me 114 countries in 6 continents on that band. Not bad with the extremely low solar activity.