A Bit of Work to Get a Workshop Up and Running.

The last few days I have worked a bit more in my "out-house" (40 sqm), to get a better organized space. The plan is getting to one section for storage with a small desk, one section with mechanical tools, and a section for other activities.

It is slow work, because there is a lot of stuff to move around, but right now I have done the beginning of the storage space, not yet with the desk space. A lot of stuff has been discarded, and more will come.

There is a fair bit of good quality tools that I inherited from my father when he passed and I took over the house, but it has been out of use for a while. Some of it probably needs maintenance. I will get there eventually.

Right now the corner section with shelves (and space for the desktop plate) is partly done. Some old stuff needs to be moved, so that more of the shelf space can be made ready and orderly. Next should be the workshop getting ready. A slow process, but it is progressing, along with all the other projects.

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