Building My Own Website.

I do have an extremely simple page on https://qsl.net/oz9qv/
This may grow a bit, but I have just got the domain where the main (detailed) parts should be.
It should also host the contents of this blog.
When it becomes active, it will be at http://oz9qv.dk When I find out how to set it up it will be at
https://oz9qv.dk https://oz9qv.dk

It will take time to get everything in there, but I should get there along the way.

Next: some project planning. and getting all components/modules and tools ready for starting construction.


  1. Hello Jan, I constructed websites in the past. For myself, the radioclub and the company. Some of them are still online. The problem is not how to make them, it is maintaining them. Personally I find it easier to maintain my blog and besides that the blog can be found easier by google. Good luck....73, Bas

  2. Hello Bas,
    I have done a little bit before.
    I think the main difficulty in the maintenance is in the links section. Links tend to die. Right now the idea is making more detail in my (old and new) station description and building projects.
    The links section should still be there, but not too extensive.
    The blog is not going to disappear, it will be the main means of regular communication.
    73, bedankt en tot ziens, Bas, de Jan