Winter VHF Day in Ringsted, Denmark.

Today, for the second year, I went o an annual VHF (etc) Day.
The gathering of (mostly) VHF-UHF and microwave amateurs is held about 45 minutes drive from my home.
There are a few presentations, but I mostly stayed in the hall and had chats with some old friends.
There is a small flea market, but not much was found there this year. Last year was pretty good, so maybe next year there will be more interesting stuff.
All in all a good day spent with ham radio friends from all over the country.


Short Wave (Active) Hula Hoop Antenna.

The radio construction activities have been halted in the Christmas/New Year period, other activities have taken over. This week the ham radio activities are slowly beginning again.

The 1MHz - 2GHz 32dB gain Chinese LNA has arrived. Still waiting for LNAs for 10/100kHz - 2GHz, so the first loop tested will be for short wave.

Tried the electric connector box for the single turn loop RX antenna.
The hula hoop fits perfectly into the opening poked put of the box. Looks good.
Next step : Test transformer and 1M - 2G 32dB gain LNA.

Copper tape on small loop, with smaller box, and 1.5sqmm wire through the loop was tested. Not much space for transformer and amp in the box. Amp should just fit inside the box with connector, but not with connected connectors.
Using the copper tape for shielding is tricky to wind around the hula hoop, it gets uneven, and has to be done in short pieces with the simple "snail repellant" tape I am using.

I have an even smaller box. The smallest box only holds the 1M-2G amp if the SMA connectors are removed. This box should probably only be used with a soft wire/coax - (wire unshielded). Could probably be good with a loop circumference of 7.5 - 9m, usable up to about 10MHz.