Local Beacon Monitoring on 10GHz.

I recalled that I had a "free" cable to add another LNB.

I found one of the inexpensive ones I had, a single IF output version, unmodified as yet.
I mounted it with duct tape, just below my 6/2m/70cm vertical, about 6m above ground, and just the feed horn pointed in the direction of the local beacon I have heard earlier. Yes just testing without any substantial gain.
Of course, it drifts with temperature, but I found the OZ9GHZ beacon easily, at a distance of 36km (just around 23 miles), and without line-of-sight, but the landscape has a downward slope from my antenna, down to a part of the path (about 20km) over water.
I am aware that there may be some tropo involved, but I can, at least test that now. The signal strength varies from S3 to S7, as estimated by ear.

Now I just have to wait and see if I can hear it at all times, and see if other beacons in a similar direction will pop up at some time.

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