Tidy, Or Untidy? That Is the Question.

 My house has grown very intidy the past few years, after having had to do chemo therapy and an operation, then starting to recover, then the COVID-19 pandemic started, I have not had too much energy to do both, some radio activity and getting more tidy.

Well the radio activity is an ongoing thing, has been for 50 years now, so I am not planning to stop that.

But now I got started with a process that will take months, possibly years, or is it another ongoing process? Yes getting the house more tidy, and getting a few things working again, in the house.

Today I finally got two middle-age computers disassembled: An old Pentium 2 and another oldie, a Pentium 3. Those were "compact" Compaq's, so they took time and not so common tools (especially screwdrivers) to take apart.

I will only recycle very few things for my own recycling, everything else goes to the "official recycling".

- the top and bottom covers can be used as "chassis" for some projects, or as a support for a mag-mount antenna.

From the PC boards very little is useable. Some toroids can be used for EMC means, and there are some SMD inductors, too. Other parts, yes, maybe some power supply ICs and crystal oscillators, possibly a few of the connectors. That is all. The rest goes to "official" recycling.

There is more ancient computer stuff, and most of that will be treated the same way.

Then there is some stone age test equipment for my radio like:

- a 10-500MHz synthesized signal generator

- ancient Marconi signal generator, so old that it uses a classical free running oscillator.

- a signal generator for 1.7-4.4GHz. Real stone age, built with a klystron (tube/valve) oscillator.

For those heavy pieces there will be a bit to salvage. I suspect that I can easily salvage the step- and variable attenuators. Attenuators are always useful. Some cables, connectors, knobs etc, then decide what more useful material can be found in there.

Yes it will make for a busy time, but it will provide me with more space to do radio, and other activities.

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