More to Salvage.

 I looked into more old stuf I have lying around.

Found some ancient analog satellite TV receivers, and as no one used those any more, and we are likely to be unable to use the 1240MHz band for analog FM TV, I have decided to discard them and salvage some components, such as tuner modules.

The same gors for some old digital satellite TV receivers, onlt capable of DVB-S(1), and not DVB-S2. 

The casings could be used for some small non-critical projects, so I will keep them, too.

One I could not open, because some of the screws are incompatible with my bit-set for screwdrivers. I might just drill them out if I can not find a suitable screwdriver bit.

Next in line are some stone age cable TV receivers covering 50-450MHz. The casing is plastic, but the screw heads I have never seen before. Then again, I am not planning to use the plastic casings for anything, so I will probably just have a go at them with my hacksaw, so I can get to the internal parts.

All in all, this winter I should get some of this done, so I can make enough space in the lab/workshop to make some new projects. That part is a bit tricky right now, but I will get there.

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