More Shack Reorganisation

A bit more connected
Low band (160 - 30m) antenna connected to the 7600.
It looks like there is a loose connection in the connector/cable, and the cable is a bit short for proper reach. A repair or replacement of the connector is in order, but not today, as the soldering iron and other tools are not yet back in place.

The cable for the 6m/2m/70cm vertical is now shorter, with less connectors/junctions. As of now a single 25m run of CFD(LMR)400 with N-connector for the radio. This gave a clearly detectable improvement of the signals on 2m and 70cm. The cable was previously routed through an entry in the attic, as I started having the shack up there, and moved it down later. A cable is still routed that way, and can be used for some non-critical antenna, maybe as an antenna for a cross-band repeater (2,m/70cm) not to far from here.

The brilliant 2m tropo conditions of the last few days seems to have evaporated to a degree that I have difficulty working 2m DX, but may return, in different directions, in the week end. That is the prediction, at least.

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