Small Solar Power Update and More.

 The output from the solar panels has been very low the last several weeks, actually most of November.

I can hardly power my IC703 all day with the current solar input, even if it has improved a bit with the new MPPT charge controller. Some more solar panels should be mounted, but working outside in near freezing temperatures is no fun, so it may have to wait until spring, or if we get some mild and dry days. 

For just monitoring of the low HF bands 20,30,40,60,80m I should use the small Chinese built HB-1B CW transceiver when not at the radio desk, as it uses less power than the 703. The spectrum display of the 703, after all, is only useful when I am there looking at it ;).

With the current very high price for electricity I am looking more at reducing power consumption for the shack. The stand-by/monitoring system has been reduced at the moment until I can get some really low power gear built and/or put to use. Yes, there are options.

Then there is the heating. 

Recently I got an air-to-air heat pump mounted, and now it is finally connected to mains power in the correct way. Yes, I had the electrician here, and at the same time I got an outdoor connector made for charging my new "toy car" (yes, fully electric, running on batteries).

It does look like the mains power consumption is lower than last year, in spite of the fact that I used gas heating last year, and electricity to power the heat pump this year. It will be interesting to see how things will work when I get more solar power up and running. I am aware that going off grid is not possible with the garden I have available, especially in December/January, but any reduction of mains power usage is welcome.

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