Winter VHF Day, In Ringsted.

This annual winter VHF day takes place in the second half of January, and if I am not prevented by a family occasion, I will usually be going.

This year had a bit of a theme on OSCAR (QO) 100.

A nice presentation by OZ2OE and OZ5N showing some simple and less simple home construction projects for receiving the down link on 10GHz, as well as different versions of an up-converter to 2400MHz, ranging from some older home made (and modified for the frequency) 13cm equipment to a setup made with low cost Chinese modules.
OZ2OE was presented with an award, the VHF profile of 2019, mainly for his work on publishing information about how to get on the QO100 satellite.

Another presentation on the GPS control by Bo, OZ2M, I did not attend, but it does relate to QO100, in the sense that knowing your frequency (TX and RX) makes the satellite operation much more convenient, and with narrow band digital modes it is a necessity.

As usual, it is always a pleasure to meet friends, old and new, so I had an excellent time there.

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