Surprise Tropo On 2m. Update.

Today has been a bit of a surprise to me.
Late afternoon a GW was detected on 2m FT8, all with my Big Wheel omni antenna.
Near midnight local time there were a few G stations (G4KUX and M0NPT worked), and GM4FVM, also worked.
It was unexpected because most of the day we have had rain. Further, this is a rather poor direction for me on VHF/UHF.
Ah, well, this just shows that more is possible than we sometimes expect.

More tropo propagation in the morning of 2019-12-04:
Several German stations into the middle of the country, and 1 SP, 1 PE, and UT1FG/MM in JO94. Still with the Big Wheel antenna, 150W at the antenna. I am pretty happy.

Update #2:
This afternoon brought another SP, a SM3 and 2 OH1 stations (up to about 800km), and I tried working with the omni on 70cm with less than 10W at the antenna. the 70cm test yielded SP1NEN at about 300km.

Update #3:
One more new country on 2m (since I moved back to Denmark): YL2CZ.

All in all more than 40 QSOs in less than 24 hours.

You will hear no complaints from me today.

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