New Antenna and Cable 6m/2m/70cm.

Yesterday I mounted my V-2000 vertical replacing the old Comet (GP-15, I think), and a new CFD400 cable.
The resonance frequencies :
- a bit low on 2m, but but clearly SWR below 1.4 in the whole band
- nice coverage of the whole 70cm band, less than 1.5 in the useable part of the band
- Decent coverage on 6m, the resonance was adjusted to 50.5 and the antenna is easily <2 in the high end, and <1.5 on essentially all frequencies I will use it for

This is now connected to my 70cm/2m FM rig, and tested on 6m FM. Everything works fine, and it is an improvement above my previous antenna system.

Future improvements of this antenna would be preamps near the antenna, though not in the mast, and possibly a power splitter at the outputs of the preamps, in order to use the antenna for reception on more receivers. The preamp system would then be after approx 8m cable and a triplexer. The preamps should be controlled per band, and that will take a while to design and construct, including some programming, sequencers, the preamps per se, and getting some useable coax relays.

Update : The cable is now connected to a MX62 diplexer, sending the 2m/70cm signals to the VHF/UHF rig, and the 6m signal to the IC7300.

This antenna, at the height it is, is better than the R6000 in its current position on the 6m band, so until the R6000 is raised to a higher position the V2000 will be my 6m antenna.

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