Mini-Shack in the Living Room.

I made myself a mini-shack in the living room. A single transceiver and a bit of receiver equipment is there along with the most used computer, in the "office-corner".

Right now the mini-shack runs 10m receiving WSPR by day and 630m WSPR RX by night, uploading spots to WSPRnet.org, and a 2m FM transceiver with an indoor antenna.

The "main" (HF) transceiver runs with a cable from the main shack (upstairs), most often connected to the multiband dipole. Without the tuner I can run CW parts of the bands with a good match on 10-15-20-40-80m. With the tuner it is *possible* to match the 12-17-30m band, 60m is outside the tuning range.

Results have, for now, been fine, I have worked some DX on 80m, JA, UN7 in Asia and 7X in Africa. I am very happy with the JA, and quite happy with the two others.

I should probably set up a VHF station there as well, apart from the small FM TRX I use for local chats, and run another cable downstairs for that one. Otherwise, just some receiving stuff, so it does not take over the living room ;)

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