10m in the Past Week End, or : Contest, a blessing and a curse.

The past week end  and today (Monday) 10m has shown it good side, propagation wise.

I was able to work into 5 continents : Europe (Doh ! - local), Asia, Africa, South America, and - finally, since I got re-started on radio activity, North America.

However, there was a down side this past week end : The Worked All Germany contest was running for 24 hours. This just means that Germans were not workable on 10m from here, and everyone else **only** wanted to work with German stations. 24 hours with essentially no contact possible.

Now, the up side is that it was absolutely "loud and clear" that 10m propagation was present all during the daytime, and a bit into the early evening. This is the advantage of having contests. Now, if the contest would have been everyone working everyone, I would have been really happy because I would have been able to participate fully on the band. I look forward to a week end with a non selective contest and good 10m propagation.

Oh yes, there *was* a non selective contest running, the Ten-Ten International QSO party or so, but that activity drowned completely in the big one, even on 10m. It was running 48 hours, but the activity in that one was very low, outside the German one.

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