6m activity

Since my move back to Denmark I set up (the cable to) an old 3 band vertical for 70cm/2m/6m.

This antenna has been used mainly for local FM on 2m/70cm.

On 6m it has been used occasionally with a IC-706 TRX running SSB and (mainly) CW on 6m. Because I got going late in the Es season not so much has been worked. Next year should be better.

Hearing stations (not workable at that moment) from 4X4 and EA8 have been the highlights. Mostly a few station in Europe worked on 6 in the late summer, mostly with CW. It took me a while to find my memory keyer, so that's why.

A better 6m antenna is a must here. Probably before the Es season next year. All antennas needed a lot of maintenance after more than 20 years of dis-use, so things are slowly getting there.

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  1. Good luck with the blog Jan. 6m is a good band. I find my unmodified V2000 (triband vertical) does quite a good job in the Es season.